Leading Ladies   February 17 – 26

The play tells the story of two down-on-their-luck Shakespearean actors who are down to their last dollar.

The year is 1958 and on a train trip from York, Pa., where they last performed, they learn that an old woman is close to death and wants to leave a bulk of her money to a pair of relatives who live in England.

The two come up with a scheme to pretend to be the relatives, but after deciding to pull the scam, they learn that the relatives are actually a couple of nieces, not nephews.

The two decide to continue the scam, and then all the craziness ensues. 

Cinderella   March 17 – 26

The Broadway adaptation of the classic musical features new characters, a hilarious libretto, surprising twists, and an unforgettable score from Rodgers & Hammerstein.

The Big Five-Oh   

April 14th – 23rd  

Whoever said life is easier after fifty had better be right! 

George Thomas is turning 50 on Saturday, and it has been a terrible week.  His dog is sick, his son is a slacker, and his daughter wants to marry a Republican.

With a neurotic wife and a widowed neighbor providing more challenges than even George can overcome, this may be the worst week of his life.

Through these trying days, George will discover the wonders of family, the responsibilities of parenthood, and the results of his latest physical.

Four Old Broads on the High Seas

                                April 28 – May 7


They’re Back!!  Get ready for more hi-jinx from

 those Four Old Broads!


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