Upcoming Auditions

Of Mice and Men


WHAT?  Auditions for Of Mice and Men

WHEN?  Saturday, December 1st at 2:00 p.m.   AND   Sunday, December 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE?  Stage West Community Playhouse located at  8390 Forest Oaks Blvd. in Spring Hill, FL 34606

HOW?  Actors will be asked to do a cold read.  Sides will not be available before auditions.

WHO?  The Director, Ellen Hutt, is looking for NINE men and ONE woman for the following parts:

                Please Note that the roles are available to all ages and all ethnicities (with the exception of

                Crooks); the casting will be based on who best portrays the character and his relative look

                next to his fellow cast members.             

George (Male, 30-40) A small, sharp-faced ranch hand. A migrant worker, dominant, acts as a parent, responds. Level-headed, he stays with Lennie as a buffer against loneliness.

Lennie (Male, 30-40) Large, mentally challenged, simple and docile. Obsesses over sensory pleasures, touching soft things. Is capable of great violence and lacks the capacity to control himself, incapable of making decisions, relies on George entirely.

Slim (Male, 35-45) A jerk-line skinner, a master workman. Seemingly ageless, he carries himself with great gravity, gives Lennie a puppy, Curly thinks his wife is having an affair with him.

Candy (Male, 60+) An old swamper who lost his hand. Worries about his ranch, attached to the old days, passive, unable to take action, worries about what will happen when he is no longer useful.

The Boss (Male, 40-55) Superintendent of the ranch. Curley’s father. Suspicious of George and Lennie.

Curley (Male, 25-35) The boss’s son. A man of short stature but also a formidable boxer. Aggressive, boastful, cocky, volatile temper. Provokes conflict. Has a new wife whom he distrusts.

Curley’s Wife (Female, 20-29) No name, considered a “tramp,” dislikes her husband and feels lonely at the ranch, is the only woman. Holds hope that she will be a movie star, bitter, scorned, uses sexuality to intimidate workers.

Carlson (40-55) Heavy sized farmhand, has a big stomach. Works at the ranch. Shoots Candy’s dog.

Whit (Male, 30-45) A ranch hand.

Crooks (Male, 35-55) Stable buck at the ranch. Proud and bitter, cynical intelligence, Lennie behaves kindly towards him. This role is specifically for an actor of African-American descent.


Rehearsals start Monday, January 14th  for Lennie and George and January 21st for the rest of the cast. Rehearsals will be held Sunday through Saturday depending on the cast’s availability.

Show dates are March 14th — 24th

(8 performances + 2 tentative performances on March 22nd during the day for school performances)

           If you have any questions, please email the director at:  ellen_teach@yahoo.com